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Die Gewinner des Cremilk Sponsorings 2016 sind  die Jungs und Mädchen von der F-Jugend FSG Ostseeküste.
Beworben haben sie sich mit einem tollen Cremilk-Stadion, gebastelt aus Styropor, mit wunderbaren Details wie Rückennummern, Toren, Fanschals, Fähnchen, nicht zu vergessen einem Siegerpokal und natürlich Cremilk-Bandenwerbung!
Mit viel Liebe und Kreativität wurde hier für die Unterstützung der kleinen Fußballer geworben.
Zur Scheckübergabe kam die gesamte Mannschaft mit ihren Betreuern und präsentierte stolz die neuen Trainingsanzüge mit Cremilk-Logo.

Auf den Bildern der Trainer der Mannschaft mit unserem Geschäftsführer Jens Ramsl bei der Übergabe des Schecks im Wert von 500.-€, die Mannschaft mit ihren Betreuern und die Kinder mit "ihrem" Cremilk-Stadion.

"Es geht auch mit Händen und Füßen" Read on…
Da wir dringend Nachwuchs in unsere Produktion brauchten, gingen wir auf die Suche und wurden fündig.
Zwei Flüchtlinge, der 50-jährige Hetem Dulaj aus Albanien und der 25-jährige Mansoor Mozafari aus dem Iran, sollten die Cance erhalten und werden nun zum zum Maschinen - und Anlagenführer ausgebildet. Wegen noch mangelhafter Deutschkenntnisse findet die Kommunikation zur Zeit recht häufig mit Händen und Füßen statt. 
Wie es dazu kam und wie zufrieden wir mit den Beiden sind, lesen Sie im
Artikel des Schlei-Boten.

40-jähriges Dienstjubiläum bei der Cremilk Read on…
„Ein Arbeitgeber fürs Leben“
Von der Ausbildung bis zur Rente: Vier Beschäftigte der Cremilk feiern ihr 40-jähriges Dienstjubiläum.
Heutzutage sind Betriebsjubiläen von 40 Jahren schon eher eine Seltenheit. Bei uns gibt es in diesem Jahr gleich vier Betriebsjubiläen dieser Art.
Artikel Schlei-Bote

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Delegation trip to China Read on…
Torsten Albig, prime minister of the state of Schleswig-Holstein, travelled to China on May 7, 2016 for a delegation visit. He was accompanied by a variety of high-ranking politicians from Schleswig-Holstein (among others the president of the state parliament, Klaus Schlie, and the minister for economic affairs, employment and traffic, Reinhard Meyer), as well as scientists and approx. 30 business representatives of different companies from our beautiful state of Schleswig-Holstein.
To strengthen existing relations with Chinese sales partners and to establish new contacts, managing director of Cremilk, Jens Ramsl, and sales director Christian Klauke accompanied the delegation trip. 
The political program included a welcome by the German Consul General of Shanghai, Mr. Rothen, who was pleased to attend the delegation and to assist the companies in all concerns.
A Memorandum was signed in Hangzhou by the governor of Zhejiang State, Li Qian, and Prime Minister Torsten Albig. This symbolic act sealed the long-lasting partnership between both regions and the intention for it to expand in the future.
The delegation was sincerely welcomed by the Lord Mayor of Jiaxing who invited the members to a constructive discussion. An industrial area of 80 sq. km for European companies is currently under construction in Jiaxing, of which an area of 4 sq. km is reserved for German companies.
The economic program also offered many highlights, including a welcome by the milk powder producing company Abbott and the Chinese high-ranking Internet enterprise Alibaba. Furthermore, a Chinese Internet hospital was visited which allows patients to make use of the hospital’s service online while staying at home.  The selection of a doctor, appointments, consultation services and printing of prescriptions is available on an online platform. Thus, stationary hospitals are supposed to be relieved and the overall quality of health care is expected to increase.
The journey, which was loaded with exciting impressions, ended on May 12 and will certainly be remembered for a long time by all members of the delegation.

Schleswig-Holstein. Germany’s true North. Read on…
Cremilk is part of Germany’s true North and part of the strong business location of the state of Schleswig-Holstein. Together with more than 130 companies we are united under the common umbrella brand of Schleswig-Holstein.

For further information, follow the link below:

PLMA 2016 Read on…
Over 12.000 purchasers and visitors from more than 110 countries were expected to gather in Amsterdam to attend the PLMA which is the largest global fair for trade marks. On an exhibition area of more than 12 halls, about 2.400 companies from 70 countries were present with their stands.
As in former years we were pleased to see that many participants showed great interest in our products.
We would like to thank all visitors for the interesting conversations and the new impressions we received. We are looking forward to welcome you again at next year’s PLMA.

Our apprentices visit a local dairy farm Read on…
In some cases, the trainee programs of our apprentices do not indicate a close relationship to farms and dairy cows. The professional branches that have been chosen by the 12 trainees of Cremilk include food technologies, storage logistics, industrial mechanics, locksmiths, and business and IT administration.
To experience the close connection between dairy farming and dairy technologies, the apprentices visited a local dairy farm which supplies fresh milk to Cremilk.
Newspaper article (available only in German)

Cooperation of Schools and Companies Read on…
The project coordinating schools and companies for the career guidance of school graduates is continued. Tied to the cooperation with the center for vocational education in Schleswig and its branch office in Kappeln, two additional projects are starting this month.
Cremilk’s new partners are the Community School of Kappeln and the Klaus Harms Secondary School. Besides various specialized presentations for the pupils, two job application trainings were offered. In the future, further similar activities are planned to support tomorrow’s specialists on their way to work life and to give them a better understanding of vocational training and continuing education after graduation.
We are excited about the development of these new projects and hope for a long-term and successful cooperation between the schools and Cremilk.
Finally, we like to address our sincere gratitude to the IHK Flensburg which supported us during the development and implementation of the partnerships.

Tomorrow’s professionals – Planning the future with CREMILK Read on…
Vocational training is an important part of Cremilk’s foundation. Currently 18 apprentices are trained for as many as 8 different professions, with 7 new, curious school graduates already waiting to begin their training in 2015.
To keep up these bright prospects in the future, Cremilk keeps close contact with the Chamber of Industry and Commerce. According to the project ‘School – Company’, various partnerships are established with local schools.
The corresponding opening event included a three-day series of presentations for juniors of the vocational school, as well as for seniors of the vocational training center in Schleswig (branch office Kappeln), given by employees of Cremilk. 
Cremilk was presented as an attractive apprenticing company which allows for local job training. The different training branches were presented with the intention to inform pupils and young people about career options.
The highlights of the event included four lectures by former apprentices who had finished their training this year. Their honest and very personal reports about their field of education presented an accurate insight for the pupils who were addressed as equals. Finally, the pupils had the opportunity to ask questions about apprentices, applications and future perspectives in general.
The project was sealed by a contract ensuring the cooperation between the head of the vocational training center in Schleswig, Mr. Henken, the director of the branch office in Kappeln, Mr. Schürch, and the business leader of Cremilk, Mr. Ramsl.  Further cooperation with two schools in Kappeln has already been planned.
Future events will include presentations about education options after graduation, with a focus on application trainings and a series of lectures about different school subjects, mainly economy and politics, biology, and chemistry.
All cooperation follows long-term common objectives: To prepare the pupils and support them on their own way to work life. Moreover, the objectives and opportunities of the city of Kappeln should inspire and excite tomorrow’s professionals.
We are looking forward to the common project and a bright and strong future.
Newspaper article (available only in German)

Repeated confirmation of our high product quality Read on…
Together with the certification of our HACCP system the “credibility examination” which is important for the Chinese market was carried out by the CCIC at the end of July. Again, we were able to convince with our good product quality, our fair and long-term cooperation with our agriculturists, consequent further education of our employees and our high quality standards. All certifications were once more graded “very good”.
The CCIC (= China Certification and Inspection Company) is located in Bremen and cooperates closely with the Chinese government. The authority previously participated in the tour of inspections across Germany in March. These inspections were carried out on behalf of the Chinese authority CNCA (= China National Certification and Accreditation) in cooperation with the BMEL (= “Bundesministerium für Ernährung und Landwirtschaft”/ Federal Ministry of Food and Agriculture).
The Cremilk GmbH was the first company to be certified by the CCIC as producer for infant formula and follow-on formula after a two-day sustainable audit. This confirms, among other things, the high quality of our HACCP system.
The HACCP concept (HACCP= Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points) is a systematic approach applied internationally to assure safe products, especially in the food sector.
By using the HACCP concept hazards are considered and possible risks are estimated. When all factors which can impair our product quality are detected suitable measures are implemented to minimize the acceptable risks.

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Process of listing for infant and follow-on formular achieved successfully. Read on…
Since the 4th September 2014 CREMILK has been listed as approved supplier for infant and follow-on formula for the People’s Republic of China.
That makes CREMILK one of five German enterprises allowed to supply sensitive products to P. R. of China. The process of listing of the Chinese authorities started in December 2013. Only 59 manufacturers worldwide are permitted to deliver infant and follow-on formulae to P. R. of China.

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Delegation of 50 chinese traders visiting cremilk Read on…
Wednesday the 3rd September 2014 CREMILK awaited approximately 50 chinese traders and trading partners.
Reason for the visit was experiencing the production site for “VIBALEN” a trademark for infant and follow-on formulae produced in Kappeln for the People’s Republic of China. The guests could convince themselves of the product quality made in Germany.
Starting at 9:00 am the delegation was welcomed by the business manager followed by an inspection of the premises.
Subsequently the Chinese delegation visited Kappeln and its sights. The old pharmacy which sold the German counterparts of the “VIBALEN” infant and follow-on formulae was an important stop.
After sightseeing the delegation visited one of the CREMILK farms. The high quality of the milk which is delivered fresh every day could be examined with their own eyes. In addition a good example of an agricultural enterprise could be assessed. Finally the Chinese delegation could strengthen themselves with regional tasty products.
“Schlei-Bote”, the daily newspaper reported on the event.

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