The milk of our farmers is supplied fresh every day in the MILK DELIVERY AREA. After it has been skimmed, additional ingredients are added to the milk depending on the recipe using fully automated technology in the WET MIXING STATION. The EVAPORATOR then removes most of the liquid from the milk. Next, the milk is gently transformed into a powder in the SPRAY-DRYING TOWER. The AFTER-DRYER is used to control whatever individual product properties are desired, such as residual moisture, wettability, particle size and bulk weight. In the DRY MIXING STATION we refine our dry milk depending on the wishes of our customers, for instance by adding coffee or cocoa powder to create delicious cappuccinos and drinking chocolate. Fully automated metering and monitoring systems together with the sensory controls of experienced staff members in the process as standard ensure that formulations are precisely what they should be.
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