North Germany is a traditional dairy farming area. Back in 1918, the milk drying plant was established on the premises of the company known today as CREMILK. In 1928, Nestlé began operating in the area, developing an important location for the production of dried milk in the years that followed. Condensed milk was first produced in 1929. Since 1942, baby formula milk has also been made at the site. In early 1943, instant coffee was processed here for the first time in Germany. In the 1950s, the Nestlé factory in Kappeln expanded to become the largest manufacturer of infant formula milk in Europe. 
In 1999, the CAFEA Group took over the factory and changed the name of the company to CREMILK. 
We are pioneers for new product categories: the first baby formula milk, the first soluble coffee and the first instant cappuccino were produced in Kappeln!
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